Humanity Organization for Civil Activities (H.O.C.A)

  • Humanity Organization for Civil Activities is a local, non-profit, voluntary organization in Duhok city in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The group became an official local organization on November 11, 2014.
  • It focuses on performing civil activities and developing the society towards a civil and just society, by supporting the youth in their communities and providing them opportunities in different domains (including informal education, provision of psychosocial support, foe conflict, violence survivors and emergency aid giving).
  • From its very beginning, Humanity had a clear goal and worked with all IDPs (internally displaced people) in Duhok regardless of their religious background. This basically includes food items and NFI. Today as an organization, humanity has come far away with many programs and activities in many different fields including (distribution, entertainment, informal education, psychosocial support).


A united and developed group in Kurdistan region can’t be seen without showing their abilities and developing their production by practice, and hard work. Every program needs a platform, planning, and fulfillment,  and certainly that those plans will have fruitful results in terms of quality, practically, managerially,  environmentally…etc every work needs studying and observing, from this point of view this organization has been formed.



The purpose of humanity organization for civil activists is to have a strong practical role in practicing,  monitoring and cooperating with other private and governmental organizations also with individuals in all aspects of life. By developing their skills so they can be  productive and influential and have a role in changing the community in all fields, and to work together for connecting the civil communities for the purpose of developing Kurdistan region and supporting the workers, employees ,youth and students of the Kurdistan region without gender discrimination for gaining a higher level of equality, transparency and modernity specially in those fields that are lacking or don’t exist at all in Kurdistan region and Iraq .

Our Team

Founder and President

My name is Thamir Elias, born in 1/1/1991, I am from Iraq Duhok and I am the founder of Humanity NGO for Civil Activities which is located in Duhok/Iraq.

 I am a motivated young man, working hard to develop his community towards a civil and just community. Holding bachelor degree in sociology.

Through many years of experience in volunteering for several different local and international organizations and agencies. And my participation in IYLEP (Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program)in the United States of America I was accepted among 2300 applications together with 29 other students from Iraq to participate in this program for One month in Andiana state at the Ball state university that helped me contribute greatly in developing my personal and social entrepreneurship skills.

I  started advocating for minority rights in 2014 and made my way to the united nation head quarter in NewYork in the United States to give a speech about the minorities and what they have been through when Iraq was attacked by Terrorists in 2014.

Gathering all these experiences, and with a humanitarian spirit. I initiated first the group Humanity, which worked for the sake of providing services for the most vulnerable people, IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and Refugees at the time. And after a few months of voluntary hard work, the group could develop to become a local, non-governmental organization. Which is working on providing basic needs for the most vulnerable people, protection, formal and informal education. From a small idea, I made Humanity grow into an organization that has 50 regular employees and Hundreds of volunteers.

In April 2017 I was chosen among over 50 people to give a TEDTalk at TEDxNistiman in Erbil city in Iraq about my success story in founding Humanity organization for civil Activities under the Title of The Beauty of Diversity Deviations.

Humanity HQ location