Success stories of our projects

My name is Saad Ismail from Qahttania district. I’m 20 years old and currently live in Sinjar’s Mountain camp (Saradashte). After dropping school in six grade, I worked as farmer in Grsheen area belonging to Al-Qahttania district due to my life’s difficult conditions.

My family and I were trapped in our house for three days after ISIS had attacked Sinjar, one night after 1:00 am we found a way to escape toward the mountain.

Our living condition were very difficult and hard, there were no water to drink nor food to eat, living on the top of the mountain for almost one month was very hard due to lack of food and water. After that we went to live in (Shibl Qasim Temple), because there were some small rooms available to live in. But living in there was hard as well, because we were living among graves!

After the road between Dahok and Sinjar opened and the arrival of NGOs to Saradashte area which hundreds of families were living on the mountain, and basic services were provided for people who are living in the mountain. My family went back to the mountain and we received help from NGOs, among these NGOs there was Humanity Organization for Civil Activities. We are living since then on the mountain for four years now.

I took an IT course with Humanity organization at their community based center in Sardashte 1/9/2017 – 31/12/2017 where I learned how to use computer programs including Photoshop and Word. I had great time in the center, the trainer and all the stuff were very nice with us all. I felt great with my new friends in the center, we are still in touch until now.

I can describe my experience with Humanity as a successful one! Because I opened a library for copying and printing and even a printing photos, after finishing the IT course. Humanity center is very important for us here on the mountain, because people learn many things from the center including myself. I continued my attendance at the center certainly, also I encourage others to continue because after getting my certificate, I opened a shop that I could earn money from. And there are other participants that I want them to benefit from the center. I want to thank Humanity Organization and Mission East for giving us all the great services, and opening the center for us.

At the end want from then to keep opening similar courses again, because this is important for all the students to benefit from the courses in their summer break.